Car mart AUTOMAX

We are specialized in sale and purchase of the used cars and and cargo vehicles. We have been a part of the market for more than 15 years and lots of our customers are often coming back.

Constant purchase of cargo and transport vehicles

In Automax we are also specialized in purchase of used cargo vehicles. Would you like to sell your vehicle? There you go. Have a look at the steps of the purchase process and on the list of the documents required.

Are you not satisfied with our purchase price? You can make use of the consignment sale.

I want to sell my car or cargo vehicle

Our news

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Mercedes-Benz (11) Volvo (8) Schwarzmüller (2) Renault (2) MAN (1) Tatra (1) Iveco (1)


Car mart AUTO - MAX
Ve žlíbku 2005/94 (pouze orientační)
Horní Počernice
193 00 Praha, Česká republika

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